GE Scratch & Dent

High-Quality Appliances for a Fraction of the Price

Our GE Scratch & Dent service offers our customers top-quality appliances for a fraction of the regular retail price. We offer lightly-used appliances at unbeatable prices, and with our experience in the industry, we have already provided the necessary maintenance and repairs to all of them with a thorough check. These appliances are the perfect solution for landlords and temporary residents because they are in great condition without investing all your money into buying a whole set of brand-new, expensive appliances. Save your money and check out our selection of General Electric Appliances for the same quality at a fraction of the price. 
Appliance Sales Rocky Mount, NC
From refrigerators and ovens to washers and dryers, we have all the appliances you need at a fraction of the price. If you were presented with a newly-repaired, safe and fully-functional used automobile and you could save thousands of dollars, but it had a small scratch on it, would you still buy it? The same goes for our GE Scratch & Dent appliances. We offer in-shop repair services and carry out various testing before selling to make sure that the appliances are performing as well as the newer appliances. 

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